The Savoy

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1/8 0.1250 1/16 0.0625
1/4 0.2500 3/16 0.1875
3/8 0.3750 5/16 0.3125
1/2 0.5000 7/16 0.4375
5/8 0.6250 9/16 0.5625
3/4 0.7500 11/16 0.6875
7/8 0.8750 13/16 0.8125
15/16 0.9375

Add light and personality to your space with the Savoy glass frame. Instead of a panel, the center of the Savoy glass frame is open, making it easy to add decorative glass.

Install clear glass to display your favorite items or add translucent glass to add more storage but still get extra light.

Like its counterparts, the Savoy glass frame has the clean lines and square frame of the Shaker style, but it also has top and bottom bevels that add visual appeal and depth.

The Savoy glass frame is sure to stun in any space.

Top, bottom, and side rails are 2 ½" wide.

  • Unless specified as a painted finish, all wood species options are unfinished.
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