Ordering and Pricing

Changes to Orders

We do not accept changes to or cancellations of orders once they have been placed. This is because orders go into production almost immediately after they are received and due to the automation of our system, we incur expense anytime we must interact with a confirmed order.

For these reasons, we do not allow changes or cancellations. Please read and re-read your orders before submitting them.



At Intenzi we pride ourselves with assisting you to use the highest level of Less-Than-Truckload carrier to ensure your order is delivered to you as quickly as possible without issue. All orders are "Freight on board" or "F.O.B." from our dock. Once your order is completed and shipped, it becomes the responsibility of the carrier, of which you provide us; or, as a courtesy, Intenzi can assist in providing you a "Best Way" option, booking for you what we show to be the best carrier option at the best carrier rate. 

"Best Way" is used as the default option when you place your order. It is very important to notify us at time of order, or before your scheduled ship date, if you would like to change from the default "Best Way" option. All "Best Way" orders are either prepaid to the carrier, then added to your Invoice, or are built into the price of your order.

All orders are given to the carrier in perfect condition, exactly as you ordered. The carrier, at time of pick up, signs for your order, taking full responsibility for the care and well-being of your order.

At time of shipping, you will be emailed the carrier information and a tracking number.

PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE... When the carrier has your order at the delivering terminal, and it is delivering to a residence, the carrier will call you directly to make an appointment convenient to your daytime schedule. It is very important that you have enough people there to help off load the order. The driver is only required to bring the shipment to the back of the trailer. If the use of a lift gate is needed, it should be prearranged with Intenzi. If a lift gate is required, there will be an extra $95.00 added to your order. Please have enough people there to help offload your beautiful custom order without risk of damage. Normally 2 to 4 people are needed depending on the size of the crates. Intenzi will send you the pieces, size, and weight of each part of your order at time of shipping.

WHEN THE CARRIER ARRIVES TO YOUR DOOR, BEFORE you sign the Delivery Receipt of the carrier, for your security in making sure you receive your order from the carrier in the perfect condition of which we gave it to them, please be sure to inspect every box, crate, and/or package.

Your freight will arrive in 1 of 3 conditions:

Condition #1 (97.5% of Carrier Deliveries): Your order was in perfect condition. Simple sign the carrier's delivery receipt as acceptance of your order in perfect condition.

Condition #2 (2% of Carrier Deliveries): You see slight signs of damage, and you want to accept the order, "as is", having the right to file a claim against the carrier for your replacement product. BEFORE signing the carrier's Delivery Receipt, it is very important that you specify in as much detail as possible, on the Delivery Receipt of the carrier, the damage, in detail, of which of the boxes, crates, or packages were damaged, and to what extent. In addition, BEFORE signing the Delivery Receipt of the carrier, take pictures of the damage. At the time you sign the Delivery Receipt of the carrier, the product is then your responsibility. Only the product listed on the Delivery Receipt of the carrier, as damaged, can a claim be placed for the replacement product.

Condition #3 (.5% of Carrier Deliveries): You see the damage to be extensive, and none of the product usable, and you do not wish to accept any of the product, because it is damaged. BEFORE SIGNING THE CARRIER'S DELIVERY RECEIPT, you MUST notate, in as much detail as possible, that all the boxes, crates, or packages showed visible signs of extensive damage, please take photos, write the phrase "Refused due to excessive damage", and sign your name.

YOU CAN NOT REFUSE PRODUCT THAT IS NOT VISIBLY DAMAGED. Keep it in your possession, and Intenzi will diligently work as fast as possible to replace your custom order. Please note, we make every order custom for you. We do not stock general replacement parts. 

In the rare instance a claim must be made against the carrier, Intenzi, as a courtesy, will support your claim by handling all of the paperwork necessary to ensure the fastest possible resolution, and begin working on your replacement order immediately.


Returns Policy

Upon receiving your shipment, please be sure to inspect for damage. Any product received damaged should be noted on the delivery slip and signed by the driver. The customer is responsible for checking their delivered order immediately for any shortages or discrepancies and is responsible for contacting Cabinet Door World within three days to report these discrepancies.

Intenzi does not accept returns on custom doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, etc, due to customer errors (i.e. you get exactly what was ordered). If there is damage to your order during shipping, please complete a proper damage claim (see above) and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please remember that we do not accept returns on custom sized doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, etc, since they cannot be re-sold and are built specifically for you.

Claims on any order or material discrepancies must be made prior to HINGING, HANGING, or FINISHING.

Damaged products will not be returned for exchange without prior written approval. Products may need to be returned in their original condition to the offices of Intenzi for inspection. Any item that has been hinged, hung, or finished, shows signs of exposure to moisture, heat or sun, shows signs of job site neglect or is modified in any way shall be deemed accepted by the buyer and voids any warranty. If it is deemed to be a manufacturing error, shipping charges will be reimbursed.