Why choose you over your competitors?

At Intenzi, we are all about making our processes seamless. Our team of qualified professionals can make all types of custom cabinet doors based on your style and the needed features. Our talented designers ensure excellent customer service, and at the same time, we never compromise quality for anything. Therefore by choosing us, you are subscribing to a kitchen of your dreams as you are assured of a beautiful custom-built cabinet door.

How do I know that your services are trustworthy?

The best way to prove the worth of our work is to let our previous clients vouch for us. One of the reasons behind our sustained growth are the customer referrals. We take pride in ensuring that we only hand over a project to a client when they are satisfied. We have the track record to show our expertise, experience, qualifications, and operational capabilities.

What does Intenzi offer other than Cabinet Doors?

While we are known primarily for our top-quality cabinet doors, we offer a wide range of home products designed with style, sophistication, and craftsmanship. We have a wide range of glass frames, drawer fronts, shaker doors, and mullions for all your household needs. Talk to our experts to help you determine the best type of wood and sizes that match your home style and needs.

Does Intenzi provide any safety measures regarding its products?

At Intenzi, we don't believe in cutting corners. We comply with applicable regulations to ensure that our products are safe. We source our materials from reliable suppliers and work with experienced contractors and develop the products.